Overview: Countering Anti-Air Missiles

Leonard is here to lend a hand with the game’s ever-changing missile mechanics. Spreadsheet inside.

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Lock-on MissilesWith the release of the recent February 13 patch, tomcat missiles were propelled again to the top of the air-to-air loadout charts (next to Coyote Missiles), considering how easy it is to use them and given what a disproportionate amount of damage they inflict in tandem with cycling to and fro your main nose cannon, and in relation to the standard nose gun/fuel tanks loadout.

Since missiles can’t be dodged anymore by ways of reverse-maneuvering or by performing special maneuvers, fuel tanks on the other hand have lost a great deal of their former viability. In a vacuum, if you’re packing afterburners these days, you’re at a disadvantage against a half-competent opponent with a missile wingmount.

Here is an overview, neatly arranged in spreadsheet form, listing which type of missile you can counter in your ESF. Big thanks go to Juggernaut for his help with the testing.

Direct link to Google spreadsheet.

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5 thoughts on “Overview: Countering Anti-Air Missiles

  1. Also of note, currently G2A lockons are currently severely bugged. When firing them, they immediately vector themselves into a leading angle on the target, which often causes them to immediately slam into cover or terrain near the firing player.

  2. Coyotes are disrupted by The Flares Utility for 5 seconds. Not by direct impact though, only if it’s heat seeking to lockon to you.

  3. With Tomcats possessing the capability to avoid terrain, and Coyotes delivering a consistent stream of damage, I’m finding it increasing frustrating to deal with them (as an external AB tank user). It doesn’t help that more and more users are joining on the Tomcat/Coyote missile bandwagon. There are only two scenarios where I can defeat these opponents: One, seizing the initiative and finishing them in one clip. Two, facing off against a really bad pilot. I’m not sure how noseguns compare to these weapons in terms of DPS, but it seems that noseguns will only trump them if one has exceptional aim. Great pilots won’t have an issue with this, but fairly competent nosegun pilots who face of against tomcat/coyote pilots of similar skill will find their ESFs turned into wreckage, more often than not. Is it time to give in and say yes to flares Tomcats/Coyotes?

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