Beginners’ Corner

ReaverThere’s a wealth of ESF information to be had on this site. To better get to terms with what’s most important to sift through first, we’ve put together a chronological list of five bread-and-butter guides below to get you started.

There are many more guides on the site though. Be sure to check them out later here.

1. Before Take Off: Setting Up Your Controls

Adjusting the mouse and keyboard controls is the first step of becoming a flying ace. We’ll prep you up! Continue reading →

2. Mastering the Reverse-Thrust Maneuvers

Becoming a better ESF pilot in PlanetSide 2 begins with mastering two advanced aerial maneuvers to turn on the spot in a blitz. We will teach you everything you need to know in this guide. Continue reading →

3. On Using the Throttle (Analog) Key for Reverse-Thrusting

It’s a real bummer when during the execution of the reverse-thrust maneuver the vertical thrusters won’t stay flipped down. Using the Throttle (Analog) key can help the problem. Continue reading →

4. Dogfighting 101

Dogfighting in PlanetSide 2 puts your skills as a pilot to the ultimate test. In this extensive guide we’ll prep you up with a hardened dogfighter loadout for your ESF and a wealth of tips and tricks to mow down opposing air. Let’s clean up the skies! Continue reading →

5. An ESF Training Program to Hone Those Flying Skills

It’s no secret that becoming a better pilot requires practice. But how does one practice effectively? We’ve compiled an ESF training program with a variety of exercises to provide a starting point. Continue reading →


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